Friday, 2 November 2012

AcWriMo Day 2

Today I wrote the outline of what will become the first manuscript of my PhD, with a grand total of 1155 words. It's very exciting.

The outline went down much faster than I expected, requiring me to get into the "meat" of it and start writing actual sentences.  The mantra that kept me going was "have the courage to write badly", which I saw in a reTweet by @PhD2Published.  It's better to get the ideas down and revise them later than to let the ideas swirl around in my head without being exposed.

Another thing that helped was remembering that "writing" actually constitutes many things in addition to "typing words into a blank document". I came across a blog which talked about this but I can't find my source now. Essentially, "writing" actualy involves fact-checking, quick reviews of literature for key points and citations, consulting and extracting sections from prevous drafts or outlines, revising, and working with citations. I think I'll try to keep my pomodoros focussed on the typing of words, or at least the first one of the day, anyway

Tomorrow I'll start grabbing sentences from various drafts and proposals I've written elsewhere and inputting them into my outline.

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