Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Interesting things I learned via Twitter April 1-16

dropletsI got out of my morning Twitter & tea routine by travelling to Edmonton for a planning meeting of the Boreal Avian Modelling Project. Since returning, I've been hammering away at writing up some results for a report. The report's done (pending minor revision), so it's time to get back at it.

As I tell anyone who'll listen, I use Twitter to gather information on topics I find interesting or potentially useful. As is the nature of Twitter, I'm exposed to a lot of potentially interesting articles, and I can't possibly read all of them (heck, I can't even read all the Tweets in my feed, which was difficult to adjust to since I'm a completionist in that way). I've noted, with interest, that the automatic filter I use to decide if a link is "relevant enough" depends on what I'm actively working on. Right now, I click on almost all posts about improving writing because I have about four papers/reports on the go. I also click read journal article abstracts if the titles seem directly relevant to my work or a colleague's. And of course, I almost always click on time management/organizational strategies. I'll also click on topics "trending" within my own personal Twitterverse: topics that get brought up or re-linked and re-Tweeted several times by a few different people.

My Interesting Things for April 1-16* includes articles on why and how to write accessibly, impostor syndrome, tips for reproducible research, a new program for teaching kids the basics of programming, and some YouTube links to great music for coding. Music like this:

*Read why I use Storify, here.

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